Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love + Cupcakes = Happiness

Two years ago I married my best friend! Our wedding was a wonderful beginning to our Fairytale story! Along the path of wedding events, cupcakes pop up everywhere.

Here are a few of those moments that I would like to share:

My mom surprised me at my family shower with mini cupcakes that were the same as the ones that would be served at our reception. The added figurine to the top was the best feature I think!

  (Gretchen, Katrina, Me, and Kirsten)

My sisters and I eating the cupcakes, before the guests arrive! We couldn't resist.

This is our awesome wedding party, outside of the reception hall having a good time! hmmm... I wonder how much Champagne we actually drank in that limo!

A view from the top! Three different kinds of cupcakes for the guests. Peanut butter, Chocolate w/ Raspberry filling, and White w/ Strawberry filling. Our baker was Erica Ohmit from Every Last Crumb. We were so happy with her work! If your interested,  here is the website:

They were delicious and beautiful!

Noah and I had a beautiful wedding, thanks to all the support from our friends and family!


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