Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Graduation!

My younger brother Michael graduated from High School this May. He's all grown up and will be attending OSU for pre-veternarian at the end of this month. What a perfect reason to make cupcakes, right? With the help of my mom and youngest sister Kirsten we made cupcakes with his High School colors, black and yellow, with diplomas on top for his party. We had the party at the Newport Hofbrauhaus, my family's favorite German restaurant.

Each cupcake was covered in sand-sugar for color, and the diplomas were made of caramel, hand cut and rolled by Kirsten. Tied with a little red-licorice rope.

Katrina, one of my other sisters, decided to join the cupcake making and make some with OSU colors on them. Unfotunately, the cupcakes suffered in the car ride and the icing was coming off. But, I think they were still good!

Everyone loved the cupcakes! We had white cake, chocolate truffle, and some chocolate with jam inside.

Kirsten, Gretchen, Michael, Katrina, Me and Noah

We had a very good party. I would argue the cupcakes were the best part, but I'm sure my husband, Noah, would argue the German Beer was. Cupcakes and Beer, they go so well together!

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