Tuesday, September 7, 2010

C is for Carter... and Cupcake!

G is for Giraffe, M is for Monkey and C is for Carter's Cupcake! My friend Melissa's little boy, Carter turned One this year on July 16th. There was a party in the park and a giant cupcake to dig into. Lots of blue icing, a chocolate giraffe, and one giant fun-fetti cake later and Carter had a party in style!

This Giant Cupcake is about the size of a small cake!

The giraffe matched the party theme, and was made out of white chocolate.

Hmm... I think I'll take this first. He picked this up, set it down, then thought about it and picked it back up to eat it.

Stuck both hands in to get the full 1st birthday experience!

He's so super cute, even caked in cupcake!

Well done! I think he did a very good job for how big it was. Happy 1st Birthday Carter Whitfield! I love you, little man!

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