Friday, August 27, 2010

Italian Family-Style Cupcakes

These are great cupcakes from Karen Tack and Alan Richardson's Hello, Cupcake Book. We were having a food day at work, so I decided to bring in the 'Spaghetti'. Alot of people thought it was real spaghetti and had a hard time believing they were white cupcakes with chocolate and strawberry preserves. I even grated white chocolate over the top once I got to work for the added touch of Parmesan cheese!

These were so much fun making, I'm pretty sure I was giggling like a little girl the whole time!

It's amazing how these 'meatballs with sauce' looks so realistic, I was truly impressed by Karen and Alan's creation! And impressed with myself for making them look so real!

So if your having an Italian Family Party and need a fun treat to bring, just let me know, I would be happy to help! More creations to come....

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