Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...How lovely are your cupcakes!

Cookies, Candy Canes and Cocoa are the three favorite sweet C's of the holidays. Well at my house we add Cupcakes to the list and make it four! My cupcake obsession wouldn't be complete without a Christmas Tree decorated in nothing but cupcakes! Here's a look at the Cupcake Christmas going on at my house!

Red polka-dotted bow on a white Christmas tree is all I need to be happy!

One of the best parts about cupcakes, besides eating them, is decorating them! Here's the 2010 Season's Treatings ornament from Hallmark. I could probably get some ideas for next from this!

Oh, so sweet! This is Hallmark's new ornament collection starting this year. This "Oh, so sweet!" collection will be a new cupcake every year! How perfect to fuel my obsession! This cupcake is a sweet little poinsettia on top of  'snow'.

I think of this ornament as the Ice Queen's Cupcake. Frosty, blue and sparkly....and wickedly tasty!

Of course Martha Stewart thinks of everything. Here's just two of her cupcake ornaments. They look so perfect, good enough to eat!

Another source catering to my cupcake fetish is the gift shop at my work. They are the ones providing me with most of the cupcake trinket boxes for all occasions.  Here's a look at the large crocheted cupcake ornament from them. It has pearls on it, how elegant!

A gingerbread house on a cupcake, two classics, one adorable ornament!

Bottom's up! Here you can spot the cupcake garland that my mother-in-law found for me last year! Who would have thought they would make a string of garland out of cupcakes?

Here's Bob. He's adorable in his candy cane striped bow-tie!

This is my 2009 Christmas Cupcake trinket box, he's like a little Bob. He's so cute!

Special thanks to my mother-in-law who not only gave me my tree last year, but also gave me the garland and made me the cupcake tree skirt! She's the best.

Then another thanks to all my friends and my own mother who have bought me cupcake related ornaments and decorations, I love them all!

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