Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crustacean Christmas

Who needs Christmas lights, tinsel and candy canes? When you can have the French Quarter, Seafood and the Bayou! My friend Vicky and her family celebrate a different type of Christmas each year. They choose a country or part of the world they would like to learn about and celebrate their Christmas with those customs including decorations, food and information about each place. What a wonderfully different and interesting way to celebrate with the family!

This year was all about New Orleans and having a Creole Christmas. So she came to me and asked about doing cupcakes that would correspond to the theme. I said, How about a large lobster made of cupcakes? She thought it was perfect, so then Larry the Lobster came to life. Take a look at Larry the Lobster!

He just looks like he's hanging out catching some winter sun....

Isn't he just adorable!

I am so glad Vicky liked him!

Larry the Lobster came from Karen Tack and Alan Richardson's amazing cupcake book, What's New Cupcake! I don't know what I would do without their genius!

So if your in need of something from The Bayou or a centerpiece for a Summer Party, let me know! I'm sure Larry would love to make an appearance!

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