Thursday, October 14, 2010

Earthlings We Come in Peace... to Celebrate with Cupcakes!

Toy Story 3 hit box offices this summer and flew right back into the hearts of many! So needless to say Toy Story birthday parties were very popular this year. My all time favorite characters from the triology are the vending machine aliens. So I was very happy to make those aliens into cupcakes for my friend Tara's son's birthday. Brayden turned 4 this summer, here is a look at his birthday bash!

"Ooooooo..... The Claw"

A Giant Cupcake to Celebrate with!

Happy Birthday Brayden, now give me a cupcake!!

By looks of this, I think he liked them.

Here's a look at my favorite Toy Story scene of all time. The Aliens with the Claw!

Now I want to make a Mr. Potatoe Head Cupcake!

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