Thursday, October 14, 2010

Calling Leo, June, Quincy and Annie to Celebrate AJ & Ryan's Little Einstein Birthday!

Little Einsteins are a popular Playhouse Disney show for little kids. My friend Elizabeth's boys just recently celebrated their birthdays in Little Einstein fashion. Here's a look at their cupcakes and birthday party!

Here's my attempt at the Little Einstein charcters: Annie, Qunicy, Leo and June. I think I need to work on my people skills...

Little Einstein's friend Rocket as a giant cupcake!

AJ turned 2!

Ryan celebrated his 1st Birthday!

Elizabeth and Ben Thomas helping their kids making great birthday wishes!

Ryan was sure ready to dig straight in! YUM!

Here are the birthday boys! AJ, 2 is on the left and Ryan, 1 is on the right. I think its safe to say they like the Little Einsteins and the Cincinnati Bengals. Happy Birthday Boys!

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