Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Decorating Fun!

Happy 12th Birthday Sohini! This month Sohini turned 12 and I was happy to help her celebrate!

I was privileged to be ask to come to her birthday party and teach her and her friends how to decorate cupcakes. I thought it would be great fun and a great opportunity to spread the cupcaking love. So I went to this 'girls only' party and taught 8 rambunctious girls how to decorate cupcakes.

First I talked to them about their feelings on fondant. There was a unanimous agreement that fondant is gross and should be avoided! These girls learn fast. They frosted two cupcakes each, and the first one we decorated into a flower. What better way to make a flower than with marshmallows and sprinkles!

The girls were extremely creative and made some fantastic flowers, that were spring worthy!

Here's the Birthday Girl's beautiful spring flowers!

Some girls mixed it up. They used big marshmallows and little ones!

Our next cupcake was an Easter Bunny! Who doesn't love a cute little bunny with a sweet frosting face and fluffy marshmallow ears?

This was the most talkative group of girls I have ever met!

Well apparently Josie likes her bunnies scary. Hers was slightly mutilated.

But at least the rest of the girls like the cute kind.

Sohini might have a future in the cupcake decorating business.

They were extremely creative, and started making some baby bunnies as well.

These girls learn fast!

Overall, the girls were a lot of fun! We had a great time decorating cupcakes, eating sprinkles and licking up frosting!

Hope this is a Birthday Sohini will never forget!

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