Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cupcakes Take Over VAmpire Academy Book Signing

Paranormal Books have taken over. They are the most popular books on the market right now, which is fantastic for me, a paranormal book lover. One of my favorite authors is Richelle Mead of the Vampire Academy series. I wanted to do something fun and special for the book signing that was held at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Dec. 10th during her Last Sacrifice Tour. So I made some vampire bite cupcakes, and cupcakes with a Vampire Academy flair.

This series follows a character who is a dhampir named Rose Hathaway. Rose is a strong and powerful female character, who knows how to kick some serious Strigoi, a group of 'dead' vampires, butts! She has promised to protect the Moroi, a group of 'alive' vampires, from the Strigoi. With each kill and battle she faces she gets a new tattoo. The three tattoos mentioned in this series are as follows: The Promise Mark, the Molnija, and the Zvezda.

Jessica, Tracy and I with Richelle Mead!

Here's a look at the cupcakes!

The Promise Mark: Place on the back of the neck, for each graduate, who promises to protect the Moroi and uphold the most sacred saying... "They Come First."

The Molnija: This tattoo is placed on the neck as well, it symbolizes a Strigoi kill.

The Zvezda: This means star in Russian, it is given after a battle where the Strigoi kills are too high too count.

All these cupcakes are made of Red-Velvet and Cream Cheese frosting....this is one of my favorite combinations!

Then of course I made the signature Vampire Cupcakes.... my Red-Velvet Vampire Bites Cupcakes, with Raspberry blood oozing out! Here's a look at all four cupcakes and my completeVampire Academy collection, all signed by Richelle Mead!

Cupcakes and books, my two favorite things to do!! Check out Richelle Mead's Young Adult series Vampire Academy, or her two Adult series, which are also amazing- Georgina Kincaid Series and the Dark Swan Series!! Also, look out for her new VA spin-off series coming out in 2011- Bloodlines!

Here's some action pictures from the book signing!

Richelle Mead reading a passage from the sixth and final VAmpire Academy book, Last Sacrifice.

Discussing my CupcakeBug business with Richelle, while she signs my book!

Jessica and I supporting Arcane Vault with out Molnija t-shirts!!

Love. Read. Bake.

-this is my new motto...

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