Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving... Let's Celebrate with Turkey!

A time to give Thanks to all those people and things in our lives that make them better. God, family, friends, and cupcakes rank high on my list! Thanksgiving a.k.a. Turkey Day is filled with lots of turkey and desserts. My personal favorite part of the big dinner is the dessert, and my favorite dessert at this time of year is pumpkin pie! I can't get enough of it. Many people think the large and delicious turkey is the best part. So to compromise between the two parts of the Thanksgiving dinner I made 'Stuffed Turkey' Cupcakes.

Nothing's better than a perfectly 'Stuffed Turkey' for Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble!!

Talk about having a perfectly caramelized turkey right out of the oven! YUM!

Here's a look at the turkey that hung out at my house this season!

This is my Turkey Cupcake, I named him Burt....

My friend Erin gave him too me as well as my spider, George. I love these Cupcake Trinket Boxes by Ganz.

Thanksgiving 2010 was a wonderful time this year, spent in great company! Here's a look at my family Thanksgiving, Hope you enjoyed yours!!

My adorable and sophisticated Sister-in-Law, Lisa Anne.

My cousin Emily and I with little baby Iris.

The Osterhage Clan- Lisa Anne, Noah, Me and Laura Beth.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vampire Bites & Camp Out S'more Cupcakes

The Twilight Saga has swept the nation. I have been a paranormal fan most of my life, so when the books first came out I was instantly a fan. Then making a movie about this fabulous YA Paranormal Series, made it even better! My girlfriends and I have a Girl's Night every time the movies come out to theater and on DVD. This is a look at the Eclipse DVD Party we had. The theme for this party was the 'Camp Out' before the big battle.

The Vamp-tastic Candy Bar

Erin and I taking full advantage of the candy first!

Pin-the-Lips on Jacob or Edward

Here's a look at the Vampire Bites Cupcakes and S'more Cupcakes as the party centerpice. This is also a great view of my new Cup-cak-elabra (new word I just made up, very technical).

These were fang-tastic Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting and Raspberry blood oozing from the bite marks.

These Scrumptious S'more cupcakes had a Graham Cracker Crust bottom, moist Chocolate Cake center and Marshmallow Cream Cheese frosting on top. A little graham cracker crumb and hershey for garnish. They are perfect for all your camp-out needs!

The party was fun, all the food was delicious and the company was the best.

Now we have to anxiously wait for Breaking Dawn! November 2011 is too far away. Guess I'll have to make more cupcakes to tie us over in the mean time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Cupcake-o-ween!

Halloween was a little busy this year. Lots of things to do, not enough time to do it in. So I made some basic cupcakes for work to bring in. Sometimes simple cupcakes are the best. You know they taste just as good!

Boo! Written in white chocolate so it pops up off the cupcake. Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate icing with orange sprinkles.

Simple, yet YUMMY!

Here's a look at the Halloween Cupcakes I had around my house!

My Halloween Cupcake trinket box was something my good friend Erin B. gave to me last year. The spider is so cute!!

The best way to celebrate Halloween is by carving pumpkins. So what's the best way for a cupcake enthusiast to celebrate?

By going pumpkin picking and carving a cupcake in it! I traced the cupcake outline in colored sharpie. I thought the pumpkin could use a little extra flare with a cherry on top!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, filled with sugary sweets!! Can't wait to post some fall and Thanksgiving cupcakes!